About Me

Originally from Moscow, Russia, I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in May 2017 with B.A. in Economics and a Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate. Before that, I attended an international high school in Moscow and also spent some time in Boston, MA. My big passion is for growing organizations from the ground up, especially ones that have a meaningful impact on the world.

Professional Experience


Being an entrepreneurial spirit, I’ve always been excited about growing organizations. To-date, I’ve been a part of 5 different start-up organizations where I’ve learned to move fast and wear a variety of hats.

Growth Marketing & Sales

I’m deeply fascinated by the way that people make decisions and everything user acquisition. In my various roles, I’ve worked on social media marketing, event hosting, PR, SEO, email campaigns, partnerships, and closing deals.


My parents grew up in the Soviet Union, so from an early age they instilled in me a curiosity about the world and a love for travel. So far I’ve been fortunate enough to visit 32 countries on 5 continents.

Technology & Data

In today’s world, technology presents a unique opportunity to get a product in front of a large number of people quickly. The projects I’ve worked on have included e-commerce, meta-search, SaaS, and applying technology in creative ways. I’m also a big believer in making data-driven decisions.

beyond pricing website

Beyond Pricing

Sales | June 2017 – Current

A dynamic pricing tool that maximizes revenue for Airbnb hosts and vacation rental property managers.

stride travel website

Stride Travel

Business Development, Marketing, and Product | June 2015 – May 2017

The world’s largest search and reviews site for multi-day guided tours and adventure travel packages.

berkeley forum event

The Berkeley Forum

Most Recently: Vice President of Communications | Sept 2013 – May 2017

A non-partisan student organization that hosts debates, panels, and talks with leading experts from various fields.

photo collage of other projects

Other Projects

Sept 2010 – Aug 2015

A collection of other projects I have pursued. Various startups, selling t-shirts, volunteering, and much more.