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"I can't recommend Sergey highly enough. Having managed many interns over 15 years in the professional world Sergey stands out as one of the very best."
–Gavin Delany, Founder & CEO

Business Development, Marketing, and Product | June 2015 – May 2017

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Stride Travel is the world’s largest meta-search marketplace for multi-day guided tours and adventure travel packages with 10,000+ trips. I joined the company as a summer intern and ended up working there for 2 years. While I was originally brought on for business development, I ended up playing a key role in various other parts of the business too, including marketing and product.

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Tour Operator Partnerships

A key part of Stride’s business consists of the trips from tour operators present on the site. I negotiated and closed 19 tour operator partnership deals and then led partnership implementation efforts for them, together with our product operations team.

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Growth Marketing

I worked on a variety of guerilla marketing projects to help the company grow. From bringing in new website users to trip reviews to press coverage. I also built a ‘reviews’ widget for tour operators to display on their websites as well as an internal tool for generating the widgets.

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Search Engine Optimization

Together with the CEO and the engineering team, I worked on a variety of projects to help improve the website’s SEO (both internal optimizations and external ones).

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UI Product Enhancements

I designed and built a number of website pages, created wireframes, and redesigned key website functionality to grow the business.

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QA Testing

Whenever new website code was pushed, I conducted thorough testing on a variety of devices and collaborated with a team of developers on diagnosing and fixing any bugs.